Camp Gottalikachallenge Staffers

As a member of the Gotta Camp Staff, you are part of a supportive team that brings out the best in each other. The job is intense, and the days are long but we know what we’re doing is important. We want Gotta Camp to be a transformative and magical experience for our campers, and we’re honored to be the magicians!

Gotta Camp’s high-energy staff is dedicated to making each child’s experience at camp thoroughly rewarding. Each staff member has unique skills and talents to share, and plans specialty games and activities for campers. Staffers are encouraged to bring their personal expertise and skills to camp and share it with our campers. Artists, scientists, teachers, builders – Gotta Staffers are a diverse group!

Each year we work to bring valuable training to our Staffers. In 2019, all of our Gotta Staffers completed LEAD’s Camp Mental Health Certification. This training introduces camp staffers to the risk factors, warning signs, and prevalence of mental illness in adolescents, and addresses topics unique to the camp community, like anxiety and homesickness. LEAD training empowers camp professionals with strategies to promote mental health in their own life and in the lives of our campers and fellow staffers.

2024 Gotta Camp Staff

Applications are open for 2024 Gotta Camp Staff! Think you’ve got what it takes? Head to the CampBrain Staff Portal to apply.

The staff for each session includes a Director, Assistant Director, and experienced Coaches and Junior Coaches–many of whom were campers themselves!

  • Prior to the camp session, staffers must attend several online training and development sessions.
  • Before arriving at camp, Staffers prepare multiple 60 minute Specialty activities which teach applicable skills or techniques
  • At Overnight Sessions: staff is housed in bunks/dorms with Gotta Campers and eat all meals in the dining hall.
  • During the course of the program, Gotta Campers are grouped and re-grouped according to assigned sessions, personal preference, age, and/or other considerations. All staff will work with every participant in the course of the session.
  • Staff must be willing to plan and facilitate outdoor sports/camp-type activities
  • The program is flexible to allow staff to incorporate their own skills and talents into the program’s activity schedule.

We are looking for:

  • A minimum of 2 years of experience with creative problem solving
  • Ability to adapt to the needs of diverse kids
  • Willingness to work long hours alongside a team of diverse coworkers
  • Skill in organizing outdoor sports and games, as well as the more off-beat activities Gotta Camp is known for.
  • Experience working with creative children
  • IMAGINATION and SENSE OF HUMOR are a must!!
  • Knowledge of and respect for the creative process
  • Expertise in a creative domain — Music, Theater Arts, Mechanics, Construction, Art, etc.



  • Senior Coach – adult with Destination Imagination or other Creative Problem Solving experience
  • Assistant Coach – College student with creative problem solving experience
  • Mayhem Managers & Junior Coaches – High School Student (currently in grade 10 or higher) with creative problem solving experience