Hi! You’re new here.

We’re so glad you made it!

Thinking about attending a new camp for the first time may feel exciting, or even scary, or somewhere in between–and that’s totally normal! Our Gotta Staffers know that, and we’re ready to get you through those scary moments, into the exciting ones. Just remember, we were all new at one point too.

When I first got to Gotta Camp, I knew absolutely no one. The first night, I was homesick and scared, but by the second day I was already joking with my new friends and singing on the way to breakfast!

--Natalie, Gotta Camper

-Every month, Camp Director Lou McKenna sends out an email newsletter with updates, reminders, and helpful info. The back catalog of these newsletters as well as additional posts can be found over at the Director’s Desk page.

-In our registration system, there’s an option to upload a profile photo of your camper. This helps our leadership team put faces with names before camp even starts!

-We have private groups on Facebook for each session for parents to easily ask questions and get info from Director Lou and fellow parents! Hearing from parents who have “been there, done that, back for more” is a great source of wisdom as you prepare for camp.

-A month or so before your session, we’ll send out an info packet with a complete packing list to help you make sure you bring everything you’ll need (and if you DO forget something, we’ve probably got a spare!). All of that information will be posted to the Registered Campers page.

-The Community section of our website has a Gotta Try It page full of our favorite activities led by Gotta Staffers. Browse through these to get an idea of what we’ll be doing at camp each day.

-Check out the Social Media page for photos, videos, and more from past summers!

-At check-in, you’ll meet the Camp Director and Assistant Director–check out the Leadership Team page so you know who they are! If you’re attending with a friend, you can request each other as roommates ahead of time as part of your registration.

…and after all of that, part of what makes Camp Gottalikachallenge unique is how truly welcoming all of our experienced campers are to first-year campers. It’s more fun when everyone knows the game!

We can’t wait to see you at Camp!

Our alums and staffers created this video just for you, so you can learn our camp song “We Love Gottalikachallenge” before you even arrive.