Information for Registered Campers

On This Page:

  • Overview of all forms needed
  • Before Camp Starts
  • Check In Day
  • While at Camp
  • Packing Lists
  • Full Camper Info Packet 

2021 Dates & Deadlines

  • July 10 – All tuition payments are due
  • July 10 – Most paperwork is due
  • July 20 – Gotta Gear order deadline
  • July 25 – Start Pre-Camp Symptom-Tracker
  • August 8 – Check in for Brewster Session
  • August 13 – Check Out for Brewster Session


These forms need to be completed within CampBrain by July 10th:

  • Camper Medical Form
  • Overnight Camper Roommate Request

These documents must be uploaded into CampBrain by July 10th:

  • Proof of vaccination if applicable
  • Brewster Academy Participant Waiver
  • Signature of Licensed Medical Professional
  • Health Insurance Card (front and back)

These documents have been physically mailed to you, and must be submitted during check-in:

  • Pre-Camp Symptom Tracker
  • COVID-19 Self Declaration Form
  • Negative PCR test administered within the prior 72hrs for any unvaccinated camper

All of the paperwork forms can be found in the Paperwork section of CampBrain, or you can download them here.

Before Camp Starts

It is paramount that everyone arrives healthy to camp. We are counting on every camper, staffer, and family member to comply with the pre-camp low-risk behaviors to protect each other and our shared camp experience.

Prescreening: regardless of vaccination status, parents will be required to monitor their camper’s health for the 14 days before camp. The tracking form will be physically mailed to you.

For the week prior to arrival at camp, campers and members of their household should engage in low-risk behaviors, even if campers and members of their household are vaccinated. Low-risk behaviors include

  • Limiting interaction with individuals outside of your household
  • Being outdoors
  • Physical distancing
  • Wearing a mask in congested spaces regardless of vaccination status
  • Wearing a mask in indoor spaces if unvaccinated
  • Good hand-washing hygiene


  • We urge all campers who are ages 12+ to get vaccinated in time for your camp session.
  • All of our staff members have been or will be vaccinated in time for camp
  • We urge our campers’ parents/guardians to get vaccinated as soon as possible, as this will help greatly in reducing transmission at home and into camp.

Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Testing: all unvaccinated participants need to arrive at Gotta Camp with a negative PCR test result received within the prior 72 hours. Rapid or Antigen test are not acceptable. Camper will be asked to show their test results as the first step of Check-In.


Check-In Day

Check-In will take place in the giant white tent outside of the Spaulding-Emerson Student Center. Parents are not permitted to enter the dorms or any campus buildings, and we discourage additional family members from tagging along this year. All tuition payments and most paperwork must be submitted before check-in day! Please wear a face mask.

Check-in will go in waves:

  • Campers with last names A-K will start at 2:00
  • Campers with last names L-Z will start at 3:00

Be ready with:

  • Negative PCR test (required for all unvaccinated participants)
  • Pre-Camp Symptom Tracker
  • COVID-19 Self-Declaration form
  • Any medications, labeled, in the original container
  • Fort Knox contributions

Every camper will undergo a temperature check and lice check. Any preordered Gotta Gear will be distributed when you arrive, and a small selection will be available for sale on site.

After check-in, proceed to your dorm. Your child’s dorm leader will be there to greet you. Parents are NOT allowed inside any campus building, including dorms. Campers should be ready to move themselves in!!

While at Gotta Camp

Almost everything will take place outside! Don’t forget sunblock!

Masks will be worn by all campers when inside any buildings, and while outside when unable to physically spread out. The only time masks will not be worn is in one’s dorm room, while eating, or while swimming.

Campers and Staffers will receive daily temperature and symptom checks. Any participant who displays symptoms will be taken to Huggins Hospital for a COVID-19 test, and will need to be isolated until test results come back. If the test is positive, that person will need to go home immediately.

If you have any specific questions or concerns not addressed here, I’m more than happy to chat with you – email me at

Packing Lists

We have THREE packing lists  – click images below to enlarge, or click here for the lists as a PDF.

  • Gotta-Have-It – equipment & clothing suggestions for an ACTIVE week
  • Gotta Camper’s Handy Dandy Toolbox
  • Fort Knox – explanation and list of ideas

In addition to these standard camp supplies, please be sure your camper is supplied with enough face masks for the week!

Because we will be outside so much, be sure to pack SUNBLOCK, BUG SPRAY, and perhaps a hat!