2020 FAQs

The cancellation of our 2020 sessions due to COVID-19 raises some NEW questions! More to come…

Refunds: We are offering full refunds or a credit forward to next summer. Camp Director Lou McKenna will be directly contacting those families who have made tuition payments. 


Got a question we haven’t covered? Email Camp Director Lou McKenna!

Q. When does camp registration close?
A. Camp registrations will be accepted as long as space allows! Currently there is plenty of space in all three sessions, though overnight sessions are nearing half full.

Q. How big is a session of Gotta Camp?
A. Our camps have a maximum capacity of 50 campers per session.

Q. Is financial assistance available?
A. Yes! Check out the Tuition page for the application.

Q. Are the challenges the same at Day Camp and Overnight Camp?
A. Nope! Day Camp is a completely different set of challenges from the Overnight Camp challenges, and campers are welcome to come to both camps!

Q. Tell me about the dorms at Overnight Camp.
A. Campers are grouped by gender and age for dorms. The dorms don’t have permanently set ages or grades, it all depends on the enrollment for THAT session. Potentially, your camper may be in the oldest dorm one year, and the middle dorm the following year. Two or more Staffers live in each dorm with 10-15 campers. Roommate requests are encouraged, and we do our best to accommodate everyone! Most rooms are doubles, with a few triples and quads mixed in. Anything other than a double room is based on which dorms Brewster assigns us, and cannot be guaranteed. Lights-out vary by age, and wake-up times are agreed upon as a dorm.

Q. Is there a packing list?
A.The full packing list and information packet will be posted on the Current Parents & Campers page as we get closer to camp. If you have any questions before that, just email or call!

Q. Can I just bring our paperwork to Camp on the first day?
A. We require everyone to complete ALL of the paperwork ahead of time in the CampBrain system.This is for many reasons – less to worry about on check-in day, no risk of forgetting something important, plus a shorter wait for everyone. But the MOST important reason is safety! When all of your camper’s paperwork is easily accessible to us within the CampBrain system, we can reference it quickly. We also need to provide a list of allergies and sensitivities to dining services prior to Camp. Any PAPER submitted on check-in day must be scanned and uploaded into the system by the director on Sunday night, and then properly stored and disposed of–that all means time away from campers!! If you have any trouble uploading or completing the forms online please let me know, I am happy to help.

Q. What is Fort Knox?
A. It’s our greatest treasure! On the first day, every camper is asked to bring contributions for Fort Knox – these are the raw materials for all of our projects all week. Seek out (scrounge and scavenge, DO NOT purchase) some cool stuff to share – recyclables like boxes and tubes, last year’s halloween costume, craft supplies, and so on! Please no glitter, no styrofoam peanuts, and nothing super-messy!

Q. How can I learn more?
A. Email Lou to be added to our email list, and check out our social media accounts for pictures and videos from previous seasons. We’re on FacebookInstagramYouTube, and Twitter. We also have a private group on Facebook just for Gotta Parents to ask questions and share tips!

Q. I want to work at Gotta Camp! How do I apply?
A. That’s great! Applications for the 2020 Staff will open soon, and the link will be posted on the Gotta Camp Staffers page.