Hired Gotta Camp Staffers 2024

On This Page:

  • Paperwork


All staffer paperwork must be completed within CampBrain prior to arriving at camp. All forms can be found in this Google Drive Folder.


  • Print and fill in the “So Excited” sign and take a picture of yourself holding it. Don’t have a printer? Get creative! Hold up an iPad, redraw it yourself, make your own, whatever! Just make sure it’s LEGIBLE!! Upload into CampBrain, or send directly to me. 

FIRST YEAR STAFFERS ONLY: I9 – you must hand this to me in person, and you must bring either a passport, or a combination of the specified IDs on page 3 to the First Year Staffer Orientation.

FOR EVERYTHING ELSE https://gottacamp.campbrainstaff.com/

Paperwork to UPLOAD by the June 23rd All-Staff Meeting:

  1. Doctor’s “okay to participate” signature, either a standard letter from your doctor’s office, or use “DrSig Form”

  2. Photo of your health insurance card, front and back

  3. W9

  4. NH RESIDENTS UNDER 18 – State of NH Parental Permission

  5. ALL STAFFERS UNDER 18 – NHICC Parental Permission

  6. Background Check – We must run a background check on EVERY staffer 18+. If you have had a background check run within the last year (like for a job application, being a team manager, volunteering at globals, etc) you have the right to request the report, and you can upload that in CampBrain. This will save us the expense of running it again!!

Your contracts will be ready at the All-Staff Meeting on June 23rd. If you’re not there, it’ll be sent to you via slack direct message. Please complete both sides and upload to CampBrain.


  • Staffer Medical Form – complete this form within CampBrain. Especially if you have any food allergies or sensitivities, I need to submit that info to our host sites in advance!