Greetings, Gotta Parents!

I’m excited to share that our registration for Summer 2022 is officially open!


In this email:

  • Housekeeping
  • 2022 Registration
  • New FB Group
  • Safety Protocols
  • Spread the Word

First things first–if you are no longer interested in receiving our newsletter for whatever reason (campers aged out, etc), you can unsubscribe! We all get plenty of emails, I don’t want to be adding to the clutter if you no longer want to hear from Gotta Camp. Just scroll to the bottom of this email for the link!

Now, onto the fun stuff!

2022 Registration
Registration is open for our two overnight sessions! Head to our website for all of the details.

Summer 2022 Session Dates
-Overnight 1 @ Camp Pride: July 24-29
-Overnight 2 @ Brewster Academy: Aug 7-12

The Early Bird 10% discount runs now through March 31st. Only the registration deposit of $150 is due at time of registration. If you would like information about our Campership financial assistance, check out our website.

I’m sad to say we will not be offering a day camp session in 2022. For this year, we are focusing on regrowing our overnight program before relaunching day camp.

New in 2022
We have a shiny new Facebook group specifically for 2022 parents! Check your registration confirmation email for the link to join. The main Parent Group will still be active for general Gotta Camp community announcements, while the 2022-specific one will allow me to communicate directly with parents prepping for this summer!

Safety Protocols
For the safety of everyone in our camp community, we are requiring all campers and staffers to be fully vaccinated. Additional protocols will be added as we get closer to our sessions.

Spread the Word!
As always, just a reminder that our BEST marketing is word of mouth. One of the biggest little things you can do to help ensure the ongoing success and growth of our camps is to spread the word to potential new campers. If you know of other families or DI teams who would love Gotta Camp, tell them!

I can’t wait to see you all at camp this summer! Only 191 days left…

All my best,
Lou McKenna (she/her)
Director, Camp Gottalikachallenge