Dear Camp Gottalikachallenge Families,

We have come to the very sad conclusion that we cannot safely run our Gotta Camp sessions this summer. While the decision to cancel may not come as a big surprise at this point, it was not a decision I made quickly or lightly. Many of the elements that are integral to the experience we offer would have to be drastically altered or eliminated entirely to follow appropriate safety protocols–and even then the risk would still be there!

Next week I will be reaching out to everyone who has made tuition payments. You can choose a full refund, a balance forward to next summer, or a combination.

While there’s no simple way to translate our in-person camp experience to a digital one, we are doing what we can to bridge the gap! Every Wednesday our Staffers post a new Gotta Try It activity to our Instagram account, and NH-DI has been publishing a Weekly Roundup newsletter full of fun educational activities. We are also brainstorming other offerings, and will be sharing those in the near future–keep an eye on our Parents Group and the Director’s Desk for those updates!

All of our wonderful, smart, creative, resilient and resourceful campers and staffers are what make Gotta Camp truly special. And I’m really going to miss it this year. My only consolation is that we’ve got an unprecedented amount of time to plan and prep for an amazing 2021 season!

Wishing you all health and peace in this strange new world,
Lou McKenna