Missing Gotta Camp this summer? Us too! While our in-person sessions may be canceled, creativity never takes a break! Check out these activities you can do at home.


On this page you’ll find:

  • Virtual Camp Week
  • Gotta Camp At Home
  • Gotta Try It
  • Additional Resources

Virtual Camp Week Programming

In an alternate timeline, our overnight sessions would be underway this week–unfortunately, we can’t change that part. What we can do is tell you about our “virtual camp” programming! These activities are open to both overnight and day campers, seasoned veterans and first-timers. It doesn’t matter if you were registered for a 2020 session or not. There’s no charge, we just want to see your cheerful faces, and provide a Gotta Camp-infused week!

Check out the Morning Meeting video for an overview of the week, and to meet our Gotta Staffers!


  • Sunday, Aug 2, 7:30pm – Opening Campfire via Zoom
  • Gotta Camp Spirit Days – if you use Instagram, post a picture and tag us on these theme days!
    • Tie Dye Tuesday – wear your tie dye shirt you made at Gotta Camp!
    • Gotta Gear Thursday – wear your favorite Gotta Camp shirt and gear!
  • Joke Of The Day – check out our Staffer- and Camper-submitted jokes with a twist!
  • Space News – Assistant Director Jaime, our Resident Astronomy Teacher, is sharing highlights of what’s happening up high this week!
  • Gotta Try It activities – our Gotta Staffers have been leading weekly activities all summer on our Instagram account, and we’ll be posting several brand new ones over the course of this week. All past activities are collected in the Highlights section of our Instagram profile. If you don’t use Instagram, many are also on our Gotta Try It YouTube playlist (and we’re working to get them all added there!)
  • Thursday, Aug 6, 7:30pm – Closing Campfire via Zoom – Be sure to RSVP so we can send you the access link! 



We miss all of our campers and staffers so much! With the goal of sending a little Gotta Camp to each of you, wherever you are, we present the Gotta Camp At Home Challenge!

Traditionally, campers who attend Camp Gottalikachallenge for the full five years are inducted into the Order of the Golden Nut. Below, there are two lists of activities and challenges. To maintain Golden Nut qualifying status for 2020, everything on the first list is required. From the second list, choose and complete 5 that interest YOU! Complete and submit your efforts by August 14th.

Not in the running for a Golden Nut, or maybe you’re an alum who already aged out? You are ALSO welcome to take on the Challenge! As an added bonus, each completed challenge counts as an entry into a drawing for Gotta Gear.

This page looks so plain right now, doesn’t it? We need your help with that–as you work through each activity, please remember to complete THIS FORM with a little info and photos of your solutions!

PLEASE maintain all safety protocols including social distancing and wearing a mask if you will be interacting with people outside of your household.


Click here for the PRINTABLE version of the list!



All five of these challenges must be tackled
  • Any 2 of the Gotta Try It activities
    • All Gotta Try It activities are listed and linked at the bottom of this page!
  • Instant Challenge (to be provided upon request–email lou.mckenna@nhicc.org to request it!)


  • Tell your family a joke every day for a week – just like at Morning Meeting!
    • Bonus challenge: get everyone to chant “Joke! Of! The! Day!” with you!


  • Tidy up your room every day for a week. Just because you’re not in the dorm with room checks doesn’t mean you can be a slob!


  • Create an appreciation award for someone in the spirit of Gotta Camp’s Batty Awards! Come up with a new name/theme for the award, and write one or more – to a friend, fellow camper, family member, teacher, frontline worker, etc. Get as creative as you want in the construction and presentation of this new honor!


Optional Challenges:

Complete any 5 from this list.
  • Teach something new to someone else.
    • Bonus Challenge: with parental permission, take photos or make a video of it, and we’ll share it as one of our Gotta Try It activities!


  • Write and snail mail a letter to a friend or family member


  • Write a poem (any style–haiku, acrostic, freestyle, song parody–it’s up to you!) about what makes Gotta Camp special.


  • Create your own multi-step riddle or treasure map and send your crew on a hunt for a special treasure. What’s waiting for them at X marks the spot? You decide! Get as creative as you can with the creation of the map, clues, and treasure at the end!


  • Any additional Gotta Try It activities linked below (This whole category counts as ONE, but each one you complete will be an entry in the drawing)


  • Bake cookies (or another favorite treat!) and host an evening Milk & Cookies for your household.
    • Bonus challenge: teach your household the “Goodnight, Campers” song!


  • Spend an hour helping someone else – this can be a member of your family or household, a neighbor, or friend!


  • Create a mini replica of your favorite places or activities from Gotta Camp using materials you have in your house or can find outside (don’t buy materials!) and then create and deliver a sales pitch about why kids should come to your mini camp!


  • Submit something for the Gotta Camp 2020 zine! Artwork, writing, photography – it could be something created just for the zine, or one of the other challenges!




Every week our Gotta Staffers post a new activity to our Instagram account! Here are links to each activity:






Additional Resources